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On 2 & 3 February, SST hosted 3 Educators from Bhutan, who were in Singapore for a study trip to learn about ICT use and integration in Singapore.

It is our pleasure to have with us...
  1. Mr Surjay Lepcha, from Drukgyel Higher Secondary School, teaches Physics and IT
  2. Mr Sherub Kinga Gyeltshen, from Chukha Higher Secondary School, teacher Biology and Chemistry
  3. Mr Passang Tshering, from Bajothang Higher Secondary School, teaches IT and Mathematics
In the photo: Mr Soh, Ms Loh, Ms Germaine Chong (SVO), Mr Sherub, Mr Chua, Mr Surjay, Mr Passang and Mrs Chew

Classroom Visit...

During their stay with SST, they visited the several classroom lessons to see how our SST pioneers learn with technology, they also met up with the Principal and Vice-Principals for a discussion to find out more about SST and share with us their experiences in their homeland.

Close-up Interaction

On Wednesday afternoon, our visitors were also engaged with our students where we learnt more about the country and its culture.


Dear SST Pioneers

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Parting Words... from the Bhutanese Educators...

Keep in touch...
  • Passang Tshering ~ penlord@druknet.bt
  • Sherub Kinga Gyeltshen ~ skgyeltshen@gmail.com
  • Surjay Lepcha ~ surjaylepcha@yahoo.com

Note: These email addresses are published with the approval of the teachers

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This blog is created specially for the Bhutanese Educators' visit, to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

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