Close-up Interaction

On Wednesday afternoon, our visitors were also engaged with our students where we learnt more about the country and its culture.


Dear SST Pioneers

Share with us... your thoughts and takeaways that you gathered through your interaction with our visitors from Bhutan...

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  1. I am very glad that some visitors from Bhutan visited S1-02 as some of the classes did not have the opportunity. The visitors were listening attentively to the class discussions and were also interested in what our class were learning. :D

    At the hall, Mr Passang wore a male outfit which Bhutan's male would normally wear. He also shared with us about the female's outfit, his feelings about SST and also how he benefited from visiting SST. I learned a lot more about Bhutan and I am also eager to learn more.

    I think the school should organize more of such activities so that SST could achieve its vision of being “A globally connected institution of science and technology.” and let more peoples know about the enriching and fun learning experience we are having at SST learning with the help of ICT. We will also learn more about other countries with such activities.

    Overall, I enjoyed the activity... :D
    Thanks to the visitors from Bhutan for interacting with us! :D

    - Christopher Nah